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- The Swallows

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- Ocean Institute

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Airing on Cox Cable in 2001-2002.
This show is no longer on cable, and we would like to thank our former viewers for their support!


About The Gold Coast

Join Host Cherri Farah as we experience the people and places along the gold coast of Southern California. We visit the places of interest as well as festivals and events that make this area so special.

The Gold Coast is broadcast on Cox Cable airing 21 days per month serving 21 cities and 214,000 households.

The Gold Coast is the television gateway to the Pictorial community guides of , and Experience television and Internet Portals that bring The Gold Coast to life!

This Month on The Gold Coast :

Join with us in welcoming, the returning Swallows of Capistrano and experience them in nature just as the Achamamin Indians did when they alone inhabited The Capistrano Valley. Witness the Preservation of the Great Stone Church, a monument of grandeur with a tragic history. And later, San Juan Capistrano saddles up for a Wild West Celebration.

The rich cultural weaving of Early California, the foundation of our diversity. Native Americans, Spanish, Mexicans and Europeans forged a mutual history and a melded future. The Swallows Day Parade not only celebrates this diversity but also marks a miraculous journey of instinct and perseverance, that of the Swallows of Capistrano whose journey is not unlike our own.

Under the direction of Administrator Jerry Miller, The Mission San Juan Capistrano has been experiencing a renessaince that actually began in the early 1900's when Father O'Sullivan initiated the Mission's restoration. At the heart of recent efforts is The Preservation of The Great Stone Church, a rare and magnificent cathedral ruin that was both a center of worship and the scene of devastating tragedy.

The success of the Swallow's journey is due to instinct driven fortitude and forward motion, void of the human emotions of doubt and fear that can hinder us on our journey. We can take a lesson from our swift winged friends and follow our God given path full of stregnth and promise, casting off the worry and fatigue that comes with knowledge of just how long the journey is. We must have faith, look forward, stick close to our wing mates and let the wind come up under our wings. Just like The Swallows we will not only reach our destination, but we will be strong and enjoy the rewards of our Long Journey home.

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Archived Show Information:

Episode 1 - Marilyn

Episode 2 - The Swallows

Episode 3 - Ocean Institute

Episode 4 - Equestrian


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