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Airing on Cox Cable in 2001-2002.
This show is no longer on cable, and we would like to thank our former viewers for their support!


Immigrant StoriesClick to enlarge

Welcome to The Gold Coast where this episode celebrates The Immigrant Spirit! The spirit that called the adventurous to explore an uncharted country in search of their America. We will see the preservation of their unique cultures, relive their pursuit, experience their struggle and embrace their passionate journey.

The Kinoshita Family of Japan

The story of the Kinoshita family is one of courage and perseverance and is told in a video presentation by the fifth graders of Kinoshita School. This Japanese American family was separated during World War ll. and sent to a relocation camp at Heart Mountain Wyoming. After the war the family was reunited and successfully farmed here in The Capistrano valley for thirty-six years.

Today a portion of the land the family once farmed is the location for an elementary school that bears their name. Shig Kinoshita spends time at the school inspiring the students, many the children of immigrants to dream high and apply the lessons of the past to achieve a bright future.

The Kinoshita Family Project www.

Helena Modjeska of Poland

Helena Modjeska was a cultural pioneer, considered one of the greatest actresses of her time. Already a famous actress in her native Poland, she began her American stage career in 1877 at the age of 36. Her career would span 30 years as Helena crisscrossed the Country by train, the first woman to ever have her own private railroad car. The mark she left on the theatrical landscape was indelible. From the ships that bore her name to Modjeska canyon whose winds whisper her name to all who pass through. Perhaps the deepest impression she left was in the hearts of those who had the privilege to see her perform and considered it one of the most memorable experiences of their lifetime.

When Catherine the Great proclaimed she would colonize the West Coast of the Americas, Spain had been issued a challenge. Today Russian Americans celebrate their heritage at The Russian Heritage Festival at Mission San Juan Capistrano, the Jewel of the Spanish Missions that may exist in part because of Russia. Tune in for the complete story on this piece of history and experience Russian Art, Music and Dance!

The Carlson Family of Sweden

My grandfather Victor Walter Carlson was born on a small Island off the Coast of Southern Sweden. The son of a blacksmith and eldest of nine children, young Walter was raised in a one-room house heated only by the blacksmith forge. In the winter he would strap on leather blade Click to enlargeskates to cross the icy Baltic for supplies, traveling by boat in the summer. As a young man Walter came to America with dreams of the wild western wilderness, building one of the first resorts on the shores of Big Bear Lake where friends and visitors staged scenes of the romantic west as they had envisioned it. Walter returned to Sweden at the age of thirty five with his new model T and stories of grandeur, impressing seventeen year old beauty Karin Johnson who left her family and beautiful Swedish farm to follow him to America. Karin and Walter had four children here in America, they both loved their native Sweden but when they spoke of their love for their America, it was always with tears in their eyes.

Tune in to learn about Swedish American traditions carried on her along the Gold Coast. One such tradition is enjoying Swedish Pancakes whether for breakfast, brunch or for a spur of the moment dinner.

I am sure these pancakes will become a favorite regular treat in your home! I believe these are much more than just pancakes. They bring the family together. The little voices who once called out "Mom will you please make Swedish Pancakes", become adult voices still requesting their pancakes when in every other way they are pulling away to find their independence, thus providing special moments with teenagers at a time when those moments can be fewer.

My daughter Jessica now makes them in her home for our grandchildren, thus carrying on Swedish traditions. I hope you and your family create memories together while enjoying these pancakes.

Swedish Pancakes
3 Eggs
2 Cups Milk
1 Cup Flour
1 Cube Butter
t vanilla
1 T sugar

Whip Eggs with a wire whisk adding milk. Slowly sprinkle flour while whisking into milk and egg mixture. Meanwhile melt butter in a regular round skillet. Pour melted butter into the batter. (Don't worry, this is not a cholesterol overdose as you don't butter the pan and this amount of butter is divided by many servings.)

After you blend the melted butter into batter, Pour batter into skillet that is on medium/high heat, to create a large pancake that is thicker then a crepe and thinner than regular pancake. When pancake is lightly browned underneath, flip it. If you flip it too soon it will break, so be patient. Slide pancake onto plate, spread with jam, roll up and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Men seem to like them just flat with syrup, (less fluff). Serve with fruit, and of course, coffee.

Artist Hyatt Moore / Wycliff Bible Translator


One of the most beautiful displays at the World Weaving Festival featured the art of Hyatt Moore, who has compiled a book entitled, "In the Image of God." This book is a collection of the artwork of the Wycliff Bible Translators who through their talents, have captured the face of the image of God in the people of our world.

JacqNative American Culture Preserved

ue Nunez takes us on a tour of Native American art as she encourages the children to learn about and preserve their individual heritage.



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Archived Show Information:

Episode 1 - Marilyn

Episode 2 - The Swallows

Episode 3 - Ocean Institute

Episode 4 - Equestrian


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