Archived Show Information:

Episode 1
- Marilyn

Episode 2
- The Swallows

Episode 3
- Ocean Institute

Episode 4
- Equestrian


Airing on Cox Cable in 2001-2002.
This show is no longer on cable, and we would like to thank our former viewers for their support!


About The Gold Coast

Join host Christina Duane as we experience the people and places along the gold coast of Southern California. We visit the places of interest as well as festivals and events that make this area so special.

The Gold Coast is broadcast on Cox Cable airing 21 days per month serving 21 cities and 214,000 households.

The Gold Coast is the television gateway to the Pictorial community guides of , and Experience television and Internet Portals that bring The Gold Coast to life!

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This Month on The Gold Coast :

Welcome to the Winners Circle as we meet the Champions horse and rider for an unforgettable look at this bond of love and trust. From world class showjumping at Oaks/Blenheim Mission Viejo Riding Park to Camp cookie for Children, building self esteem through horsemanship and Fran Joswick Therapeutic riding Center where victory is measured daily in the strengthening of spirit soul and body. This is an unbreakable bond, this is our heritage, this is our legacy.

The Gold Coast is brought to you by Family Toyota, the second happiest place on earth and The Conservatory filling South Coast homes with the finest antiques, vintage lighting and decorative arts.
Orange the pictorial guide to the Gold Coast.

The Art of Myphuong Ly seen at this year's Art-A-Fair Festival is characterized by Grace and Strength, the attributes epitomized in an Equestrian Showjumping Champion.

This summer Southern Californians will have the chance to watch an Olympic Caliber sport in their own backyard as the first annual Oaks Blenheim International horse show offers exhilarating high speed showjumping action at Oaks/Blenheim Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park in San Juan California.

The horse/human partnership makes showjumping a sport of psychology and communication won in years of preparation and split second decisions made on the course. Horses with Olympic-level showjumping potential are as rare as Triple Crown racehorses. Riders require a blend of incredible skill, instinct experience and athleticism. And then there is the long road to finding the right match of horse and rider.

Coming Up Orange County Children thrive as they learn responsibility on the ranch. We'll visit with the mayor of San Juan Capistrano Wyatt Hart, experienced horseman and beloved leader and Achachimin descendent Jackie Nunez takes us on a journey to Orange county Past where the grizzly bear roamed and the Rancheros reigned.


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Archived Show Information:

Episode 1 - Marilyn

Episode 2 - The Swallows

Episode 3 - Ocean Institute

Episode 4 - Equestrian


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